The strong women of Yunnan(3)- the cards of life

The good cards in life are never handed out evenly and this lady had certainly not been first in line…

She was tiny, clad in scruffy clothes, standing dead still in the village market in Dayangjie and observing me. I stopped in my tracks when I finally noticed her – my fascination hard to conceal. My direct interest evoked a faint smile, her friendly eyes came to life. A surge of sympathy welled up in me. It seemed like the first time anyone had shown her any interest. She stood there for a long time. Let me photograph her- seemed to cooperate with me and the camera like a professional model. Photographing her in the drizzle and fog in this remote mountain village was magic. She didn’t look like a model, but she carved her way into my mind and sparked my imagination more than any beauty could have done.

Photo of lady

Photographing this special lady in the remote Dayangjie village in the mountains on the border to Vietnam, was a highlight I will never forget. Yunnan, China 2012.


6 thoughts on “The strong women of Yunnan(3)- the cards of life

  1. Dette er veldig sterkt Linn …. her ble det en et par tårer i øyekroken. Blir temmelig ydmyk når jeg ser hvordan mange andre kvinner lever. Fly flate hvor heldige vi er som tilhører vår del av verden. Klem I

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