The strong women of Yunnan (4)- Heavy-duty grannies

Do you remember the guy smoking his pipe from “The strong women of Yunnan(2)- and their husbands..”?

Well, this is one of the ladies at the construction site he was overlooking. In this area of Yunnan, most of the construction workers were elderly women. They lugged huge rocks with their bony little bodies. One hour of this, and I’d be admitted to the hospital! I especially admire that they are taking care to put on their jewellery before they go to work…

Photo of female construction worker in Yunnan China

Heavy-duty grannies- Yunnan, China 2012.

 A little help from a friend..

Yup, she is loading bricks onto the back of her friend. The “hairy stuff” sticking out from their backs, is bark from palm trees and it is used to prevent chafing.Think about this the next time you find your office job tough;-)

Two female construction workers

A female construction worker is helping her friend load bricks onto her back. Bark from palm trees are used to prevent chafing. Yunnan, China-2012.

2 thoughts on “The strong women of Yunnan (4)- Heavy-duty grannies

    • Exactly. Even crazy to see these bags up there. They had nothing or very little of material value, but the fake adidas and nike bag had managed to find their way up there…seems like these brands are doing to China now what Coca Cola did to Africa a decade or two ago.

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