Jaded feet on an ancient bridge -Twin Dragon Bridge

I normally wrench in pain and despair when I have to go and see a “famous” tourist attraction, but I have to admit that the Shuanglong Bridge swept me of my jaded feet…

Not only is the landscape quite magic with hazy hills in the background, but the bridge itself is quite impressive. It was built during the Qing dynasty (1644 to 1912), but as the river(s) beneath changed its course, it had to be extended. Today it consists of 17 arches with a three-storey pagoda in the middle. Underneath the local farmers are growing their crops and going about their daily business. When we were there, a truck loaded to it’s brim with tofu stopped for a chat. The tofu had been shuffled directly up on the deck with no wrapping, and for a brief moment we were thinking we wouldn’t have tofu anymore around here. The driver picked up our face expression and giggling he reassured the squeamish tourists that it was pig food…

Michael Lai this is especially for you;-)

A photo of a bridge (Shuanglong Bridge)

The beautiful Shuanglong bridge in Jianshui. Yunnan-2012





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