First of all, I’d like to say sorry for having treated this blog so step-motherly for the past week(s). Instead of getting some good shots of Beijing, I had to stuff my belongings into a plastic bag and head for the airport to go home and see my sick father.

This photo was taken in the middle of the night at a small twin-peakish truck stop in Yunnan. The thunder ear-shattering, lightning blazing across the sky, rain pouring down and playing Sarah Brightman at full guffaw only further accentuated the gloomy, melancholic ambiance. Many roads had been closed due to the recent earthquakes and rock-slides, but this one was still open. It was not on the GPS-map and probably never will be…It is truly one of the grimmest and creepiest places I’ve ever been to. Even so, we didn’t hesitate to send our poor driver out to ask for directions. You can guess from his expression how that went…

There are many ways of being lost. Thinking you will loose someone dear is one. Being lost in time and space is another.

Lost on the road

Our driver’s stoical demeanor is about to fade

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