Suzhou night market- best fare in town?

Ok, enough exotic head gears and remote villages for a while…

This week I want to share a few shots from Suzhou, this amazing city where I live in China. With the risk of sounding like a guide-book, it is actually true that this little gem encapsulates the historic China, the modern China, the rich China and the poor China. Right outside of where I live my comfortable foreigner life, people are living in shacks and struggling to make ends meet. Some of them are migrants right off the boat seeking a better life in the bigger city. Not far from there again, we have the flashy LiGongDi- district, built in old-style architecture, where rich Chinese officials (yes! In China public servants can be quite well off..wonder why..uhum) or entrepreneurs can show off their expensive cars, eat hairy crabs and drink baijiu (paint remover or expensive liquor-depending on who you ask) till they have to be carried home.

This photo is shot at the night market. It normally opens around 9pm (when most Chinese are already in bed) and caters to late-workers. The selection of fresh ingredients is impressive and according to your choice, they fry up a nice, hot meal for around 3-15 RMB (0,5-2 USD). So whether your wallet is thick or thin, you will find something here. And the best thing is- it’s actually very yummy!

Suzhou Night market

Every night this guy is here with his wok- and he knows how to use it. Suzhou, China-2010.

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