Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge – Al Jazeera Correspondent

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  • Because I know that many of my followers are interested in geo-politics and prone to like amazing footage with a good dose of adventure, I would like to recommend this documentary. It is not only the story of the people in this region, but maybe also an indication of a future geo-political hot-pot…China’s influence in the region is increasing…they hope to boost trade by rebuilding the old salt-route to India, but at the same time they want to control the outflow of freedom-seeking Tibetans.

    While Tibetan Buddhism is squeezed inside of China’s borders, there is a place where it still survives intact: Upper Mustang – a once forbidden kingdom high in the Nepalese Himalayas. Al Jazeera’s chief Asia- correspondent, Steve Chao, traveled five days by horseback to document the fight to preserve an ancient culture.

    Mustang: A Kingdom on the Edge – Al Jazeera Correspondent – Al Jazeera English.



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